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Whitt Hollis


Whitt Hollis (Santa Barbara, CA) offers many years of development experience on both residential and hospitality projects. With a legal background, Whitt has also consulted on many land use and development projects. 


Jack & Jeff Theimer


Jack Theimer (Summerland, CA) & Jeffrey Theimer (Carpinteria, CA) represent the fourth family included in the project. Jack Theimer has been an active developer with extensive experience in hotel and hospitality projects nationwide. He is a former board member of the Community Environmental Council, Santa Barbara Trust for Historic Preservation, and UCSB's esteemed environmental studies Bren School.  

Raised in Santa Barbara, Jeffrey and his wife Stephanie and their 2 year old son Jack Saint have called Carpinteria home for 7+ years. He has worked in various industries including entertainment, hospitality, public affairs, and real estate development.


Jim & Matthew Taylor


Mathew & Jim Taylor (Santa Barbara, CA) are 50-plus year residents of Santa Barbara now raising their own families here in our coastal paradise. Both offer extensive experience in recreational and commercial development throughout California and the Western United States.

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Andy Norris


Andy Norris (Santa Barbara, CA)  brings over 45 years of hospitality experience designing, building, and operating hotels and resorts nationwide.  With a finance background, Andy provides valuable input on both the budget for the property and the assessment of financial benefits to the City of Carpinteria.

Our development team consists of four families with expansive backgrounds in the hospitality industry who share a commitment to thoughtful design, sustainable building, and community enrichment. We love that the limited scale and size of the Inn will allow each of us to be intimately involved with the project from start to finish. And we aren’t here to make a quick buck: we have local roots and, after completing the Inn, intend to remain involved with developing its future for many generations to come.  Together, we are the Surfliner Inn - a company established in response to the guidelines of a Request for Proposal (RFP) from the City of Carpinteria in 2018. 

In addition to our own in-house expertise,  we also  partner with local architects, land planners, and engineers to ensure that every part of the Surfliner Inn - from the design and construction to its everyday operation - adheres to our community-based mission and vision.