Like you, we are area locals who take pride in the distinctive culture and spirit of Carpinteria. It’s important to us that our hotel reflects the design and energy of our city. Thanks to amazing local resources like the Carpinteria Valley Museum of History, our team has developed initial conceptual renderings that combine today’s best practices in purposeful design with our community’s rich architectural history to create a shared vision for our future. We look forward to working with the City and all Carpinterians to advance  a unique project that will be a source of pride for Carpinteria and its residents.  


We believe our design should: 


  1. Be innovative

  2. Be aesthetically pleasing

  3. Exceed the expectations of the Carpinteria community and City

  4. Incorporate the history of the site and Carpinteria itself 

  5. Be approachable and welcoming,  to the benefit of  our guests, neighbors, local non-profits, State Park visitors, and the community

  6. Be honest

  7. Be long-lasting and timeless, avoiding a “trendy”  approach that relies on aesthetics destined to be viewed as “dated” 

  8. Incorporate a high level of detail and a “nothing is arbitrary” approach. The accuracy and transparency of our design process should show respect for guests and locals alike 

  9. Incorporate sustainable design and building concepts intended to preserve the health of our planet


The Surfliner's conceptual design calls for a small rooftop bar area. This will be a great place to host local fundraisers, have a pint at sunset, or catch up with an old friend. #localstoo

Surf happens....

" find where you are going, you must know where you are." - John Steinbeck

We'll always miss Santa... but at least we still have his beach.

All aboard! One of the cool things about the Surfliner will be the ability for folks to leave their car at home and arrive by train. Ride & play. #dontneednocar

Carps rich agricultural history is something unique for a "beach town." And awesome.


We wanted to make sure that there were design elements and a connection to the history of Carpinteria


BUT FIRST.... we sketch. Thx David Mark Lane for heping with our renderings. "You can't use up creativity. The more you use, the more you have.” – Maya Angelou

The Surfliner will be another Downtown lodging option for those who have "limited" camping skills. We think you should be able to camp then watch the sunset from the roof of the Surfliner Inn... #goals

"Your state of mind is everything" - Bruce Lee

“Design is so simple. That’s why it is so complicated.”—Paul Rand

Nice pad.

There is something about a simple beach house that can't be matched.

More research...

Patio in Carpinteria

Paddle out.


Research- Goal to create something that looks & feels like Carpinteria... without being boring... Or pretentious.

Lobby/hang @ The Drifter

The Shorebreak Hotel. I love to look at how hotel designers use space.

Simple interior room at the Drifter

Sometimes designed should be clean & simple... A bathroom at the Drifter hotel