There has been a lot of talk about what the Surfliner Inn will look like.... here are some facts.  

Our goal is not progress for the sake of progress. We’re looking to build a legacy that serves both Carpinteria’s current community and its bright future. We’d like to address some concerns we’ve encountered and share how our vision not only allows but supports our cherished local lifestyle.


Aerial Photo of a Parking

Public parking will increase by 31 spaces at no cost to the City. A new 83 space parking lot will be built closer to the beach in addition to retaining 61 spaces in the present parking lot.  Our parking studies have shown these 144 spaces will provide additional parking above needed to satisfy the parking generated by the Surfliner Inn.  In addition, a number of the Inn’s guests will arrive by train and not require any parking.  Lastly, the new parking lot will complete the realization of a possible use envisioned when the City bought the property.  “Planning Commission Staff Report, May 6, 2013.” 



The Surfliner Inn will not create additional traffic along the beach neighborhood streets because the only way to enter or exit the proposed parking lot south of the railroad will be on Linden Avenue.  The emergency access entrance at Elm Avenue will not be open to the public. These neighborhood streets will be kept as they are now!


Parking Lot #4 MP- CAP IMPOROVEMENTS .pn

The City owned parcel south of the railroad between Linden and Holly Avenues was bought for the possible use as a parking lot in the future.  A portion of the "open space" property is presently leased by the City to a private individual for their exclusive use. The addition of a small parking lot on the beachside of the railroad tracks will be a huge benefit to locals and tourists alike, adding much needed coastal access and parking.  *image from City of Carpinteria's "Capital Improvement Project List, 2015."



The proposed Surfliner Inn has been designed to conform to all City design and zoning standards and will enhance the small-town comfortable charm and historical character. With 40 rooms proposed, the Surfliner will be one of the smaller hotels in the City of Carpinteria. 



We are working hand in hand with locals, the City and our amazing architects at AB Design to ensure this project looks and feels like Carp. This will not be a $600 per night hotel. It's meant to be another option for our current visitors and serve as a community resource (event venue for fundraisers, hotel for local businesses during "off season," etc.) We are NOT trying to be Santa Barbara or Orange County.  To quote one of our favorite songwriters, " We are what we are and we ain't what we ain't." - John Prine 


Horse Riding in the Valley

The Surfliner Inn’s two-story design will not block any mountain views.  The artist renderings have been drawn to scale and show the mountain views will not be blocked. We like looking at Franklin Trail too.....