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Will the Community Garden be affected by the Surfliner construction? 

A, The Surfliner Inn has committed to not encroaching on any aspect of the current Carpinteria Community Garden. We dig gardens and as locals think places like this are important meeting spaces for our community. 

Is the Surfliner on the ballot this November? I am confused? 

A. No, the Surfliner is not on the ballot this November. There is an initiative that was formed to change the zoning of the City's parking lot #3 in order to preclude any development on the property. We think it's a bad way to try & stop a project like ours. We think "Measure T" is flawed and could potentially lead to unintended consequences for our City, its general plan and visitor serving uses in the Coastal Zone. 

I heard that the Surfliner was 3 stories... is that true? 

A. NO! The Surfliner is a two story design. It has a rooftop deck which will be open to the public. All design aspects will meet City code requirements. 

Is the Surfliner team No On T? 

A. No. The Surfliner team is not affiliated with the No On T campaign... but we support their cause. Visit to find out more. 

Will the Surfliner cause parking issues on Linden? 

A. The City of Carpinteria commissioned a parking study which can be read on its website. It found that even with the addition of the Surfliner (at 40 rooms), there would be ample parking to support both the Downtown T business corridor. The planned Parking Lot #4 + trail system will also add additional parking on the beachside of the railroad tracks... something we believe will be a huge benefit to the neighborhood which currently is burdened with a lack of parking for its residents and vacation rental properties. 

Will you all submit the current design that was approved in December 2021 by the City Council? 

A. No. The City Council only approved, as its role as "landlord," our conceptual design to be submitted through the regular permitting process. At that meeting, council members suggested they would like to see a few additional changes (less rooms etc.) which we are currently considering and incorporating into our new design. If the ballot initiative fails in November, we'll be resubmitting a new design. 



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